C3PO and R2-D2 on MDMA For lovers of Minimal-House & Techno Netlabel Textone is still a great ressource. Textone which died an unspectacular death some time ago has still one alter-ego left. 30 releases survived the crematorium in its hideaway at archive.org. One of my favorite releases is the funky “ripop ep” by Samim & Michal. The three-tracker sounds like little bleep- and clicker-sounds dance on a deep hopping bassdrum.

Samim & Michal produce music for robots who enjoy taking some time off. Mad of the dull and dumb works they normally do, they ecstatically dance to the glitter-bleep-click-mnml-house by Samim and Michal. And the DJ who saved their lives is our nice friend C-3PO and his little compagnion R2-D2 from a galaxy ‘round the corner. The crowd thanks them with lots of squeaking metal arms in the air.

“ripop” is a statement how funky Minimal-House and Techno can sound. To me, a netlabel-classic.

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