“Gesamtlaufzeit” is a techno journey into icy landscapes and deep atmospheres full of echoes, sonic reflections and floating chords. Produced in 2003 Marko Fürstenberg also known as Surphase this album is not just only a selection of techno tracks. No, it’s one of those rare albums, where we glide from one song into the other, experiencing different moods but always feel the flow.

I hyped this DubTechno release many times, I am sorry for that. But this classy DubTechno album by Marko Fürstenberg has to be promoted also here on Phlow-Magazine.com because it is still one the best DubTechno albums ever and one of the first netaudio longplayer which grabbed my attention from beginning to end.

“Gesamtlaufzeit” is so amazing because you travel together with the artist from music gig to music gig. For his album Marko Fürstenberg composed smooth rockin DubTechno-tracks along with calm ambientish songs. Some of the songs where produced while travelling through Germany. If you imagine how the musician sits in the train, looks out the window and sees all the trees, houses, landscapes flying by, the sound fits perfect. Also it’s a perfect statement how you get sucked into techno…

A netaudio classic!

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Release // Marko Fürstenberg – »Gesamtlaufzeit«
Netlabel // ⚰️ thinner.cc
Artist-Website // http://www.surphase.com/