“Automatic Behaviour” is one of these cosy and melodic electronic music albums. It operates inbetween the genres techno, trance and elektro and melts everything in a classic way together. On the one side you feel warm synthesizer grooves and trip on those fine appregiators and on the other side you listen to those classy drummachines and the fabulous 909 and 808 kicks.

I like this album because it remains somehow calm, friendly and chilly. Nothing really spectacular hides between the patterns, no freaky sound experiments scrape your your. All but solid grooves and reflections of the past when techno still had this trancy flavor. When techno was more than minimal, when techno was still pure sound, when techno was friendly.

Just listen to a track like “She Is Electric”. Have a seat on the rolling 808-elektro-rhythm and smile happy about those synthesizer sweeps. Than proceed and taste some of the sweet acid bleeps in “Processing”. Yeah, right, that’s classic DubTechno.

“Automatic Behaviour” is a true and solid album.

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