The second release on the redesigned (and formerly known as DCC records) netlabel modularfield is a moving train. Straight pumping grooves with mesmerizing patterns, that unveil slowly in tracks with over 9 minutes of playing time. The four tracks on this records were meant to be played at the club - or with the repeat flag set at home.

There is more to the tracks, that let the train keep rolling in. The name “Aufbruchstimmung (atmosphere of departure)” is clearly meant pragmatically. Don’t hesitate - celebrate. Old wisdom like this, is about to happen once again. I visited some of the Modularfield-parties and can agree, that they mean it like this. Turn the volume up and let the things go through.

Oeler is also working on live-sets. The Modularfiled-webseite says about this record: “Meanwhile Oeler made a lot of tracks between minimal / techno / techhouse / house and tribal and wants to introduce his favourite Songs of 2007 and his first live production.”

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