The “Intelligent Toys”-compilation-serie from Sutemos is a garant for an excellent choice of IDM music. Like its predecessor the long-awaited fourth part is filled with 28(!) tracks from known electronic artists like Vladislav Delay, Esem, Lackluster or Gultskra Artikler. A true music diamond in the world wide web

Wow! This is one of the best electronic compilations i listened to for a long time. Sutemos compiled no more than 28 high quality tracks which slide smoothly from one into the other while listening. “Intelligent Toys 4” awaits you with atmospheric electronic music filled with sweet melodies and sweeping synthesizers.

Slowly taking off with an ambient and atmospheric track called “Dried Flowers, Mirrored World” produced by Sabi, our steward Walkman serves us continuously one embrassing tune after the other. Walkmans phenomenal choice of music convince us and we let loose while floating with the flow of his compilation. Take “Terra Det” from IJO for example. This track takes you on a flight on spheric synthesizer strings. Slightly shreddered and clickering beats combined with caring melodies build a wonderful scenery full of fluffy clouds.

Along with the incredible quality of each track, I am truely surprised how the whole music sampler fits together. This is futuristic and yet optimistic music at its best. A great journey into sounds from ambient to ambient to clicks and cuts. Don’t miss this one!

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