Emil Klotzsch from Cologne, Germany, has a special kind of taste. His music is filled with experimentation and juggles with the expectations of the listener. Klotsch’s music can be filled with pop and vocals like in his incredible “geteiltes sein” or freak out like “Snakes reachin in the Ballroom”. The music is not a easy listening, but always on a high production level.

Emil Klotzsch uses all kinds of instruments and sounds. From harsh glitches and clicks to kitschy synthesizer-melodies to tricky IDM-beats. Even when most of the tunes seem live in disharmony, Emil Klotzsch is a true musician and a excellent producer.

His collaboration with Dirk Becker in “geteiltes sein” is one of the best idm-meets-vocal-songs I’ve ever heard. And don’t miss the amusing and well-photographed Gallery by his father, Manfred Klotzsch.

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Release // Emil Klotzsch - feinquisit
Netlabel // ⚰️ one.dot9.ca
Artist-Website // https://www.emilklotzsch.de/