Hot off the heels of mo.’s Para-review last week, I got to let you know about the latest Archaic Horizon releases: “Nowcast” by Trenton McElhinney, more commonly known as 2%. I’ve been listening to both records in a row and found them doing fairly well in these days of late Summer haze.

Californian Trenton McElhinney is a tech-savvy kid. For his second EP “Nowcast” he is using Max/ MSP, the Monome controller and his acoustic guitar. While the pattern-based programmings of the Monome do not easily allow for crazy breakbeat frenzy, it suits the 2% music perfectly well: monochrome, rich textures and crunchy Hip Hop beats.

“Stop”, you might want to object, “All music at Archaic Horizon sounds like this!” - fairly true, but somehow 2% does better than most. Microloops dream in concentric stagger, textures intensively fill the room with warm noise and canny harmonies. A certain feel for what is necessary is manifest in McElhinney’s music. Here is another connection to Para I guess: minimalism as compository guideline.

Young McElhinney is a man of taste and virtuosity. His art- and photoworks supply a fine complement to his music and are worth a minute of your attention, e.g., whilst listening to the “Nowcast” EP. Archaic Horizon sums it all up: “2% loops samples into vaporous drones creating a milky haze for his melodies to refract within then drops beats that land you back on solid ground.” Wooord!

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