It’s time to write about Orange Crush. His debut album “The Field”  back in 2006 got me already, but somehow I never managed to review it. Recently, Orange Crush published his second full-length and there is no excuse not to let you know about it eventually. Fancy lush Downbeat Electronica, ca. 1998? Go for it!

Let’s start with the obvious reference: Boards of Canada. I’m sorry, Karl, you must have heard it a thousand times… The heavy influence of the Scottish pioneers is the reason I never sang the praise of Orange Crush I guess. Solid production, good tracks but something was missing on “The Field”, Endersons’ debut for Archaic Horizon. On “Autumn Reflections”, apparently nothing has changed. The improvements, however, are subtle and essential.

Tonal synth- and organ chords, simple three-parts melodies, relaxed Downbeat- and Hip Hop beats, dense instrumentation, loads of atmosphere: the ingredients are the same. Now and back then, Orange Crush sounds dusty, sun-beaten and not much like Vest-Agder in Norway where Endreson lives. A spongy 70’s feel is omnipresent throughout the album, certain stems seem to wave and warp like recorded to old tapes.

In the end, it’s the melodies that make “Autumn Reflections” a better record than “The Field”. Enderson is on point and writes songs rather than recording sound ideas. This is a bit more conservative, but it makes a wonderful album that gives you an idea what the Summer in 2009 may taste like. Ace!

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