Pimp your Mobile // Nexsound is one of the most reliable Net- and record labels around. Their latest coup sounds like a joke, but makes sense at closer examination: The Nexsound Free Ringtones! Nearly 60 short MP3 files from 14 artists you can upload on your mobile phone to impress your friends at art exhibitions, underground concerts and hipster coffee bars.

The overall style is experimental electronic music. Some of the ringtones at Nexsound work extraordinarly well (try Kotra’s sonic aural attacks or the invidious high frequency beeps provided by Zavoloka), other sound fine but might fail to cross every day’s noise (I/DEX, Nole Plastique, Bluermutt)…

Perfidious SEO (Search Engine Optimization) update for nexsound.org, serious customer service or simply a new form of music? It’s not quite clear what’s the intention behind this project, but i dare say it’s probably not the first mentioned. Anyway, I like the idea and think some more Netlabels should ask their artists to produce something similar. Which artist would YOU like to hear on your iPhone?**


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Netlabel: www.nexsound.org **