Adjusted Post-Rock // The great talent of the post rock five-piece from Rotterdam is to carry easy accessible melodies and themes into a genre that is known for its difficult access. Solaire pull you into their spherical world of music and just before you seem to drown in this fairly deep ocean of instrumental guitar driven sound, they give you an unexpected push from below that hits you just hard enough to realize where you are: somewhere safe.

Solaire can not be labelled as a typical post rock band, because they are expanding the range of this genre by introducing lyrics, samples (that partly seem to come from original movie quotes) and easy to follow guitar melodies that somehow make the songs predictable. But this impression of predictability won’t last for long, because their repetitive and catchy melodies seem to be a thoughtfully placed stylistic device to prepare the forthcoming musical eruption, that creates a unique and intense moment. Their debut full length “…and then I strapped explosives to my body” is a collection of those intense moments and it is available at the dutch online promotion and distribution platform for independent bands, as well as record label Dying Giraffe Recordings, where you can download some of their songs for free, published under a Creative Commons License.

If you want to know what they look like, you can click here to see them in action in their video to “the great went”, directed by Margarita Kouvatsou.

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