Imaginative Electronica // Slowly like someone is lifting the curtain to a sensitive movie, Pix begins his enigmatic album called “Life Living” with a great opener. Carefully he escorts us into his little sound-universe published by french netlabel Fresh Poulp. What we discover and explore during 41:46 minutes is an electronica-album full of pop, smart beats and colourful melodies.

“Life Living” is a true and visionary album. You can listen to it from start to end with no interruption. While Pix blends different styles together, we enjoy songstructures from Ambient to IDM to Hip Hop. Sometimes you hear Pix playing around with funky Cut-Up-Techniques, than you discover some sounds in the background, than his accurate beat-programming surprises you.

But the best of all: Pix composes wonderful melodies and atmospheres to remember.

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