The Petite & Jolie Netlabel focusses on cute, melodic and sometimes naive and playful melodies. Risch makes no exception and composed some twinkling and sweet moments for us. Dovelike tunes, some slight clickering and only a bit dose of that IDM-ish beat experiments makes a wonderful and peaceful afternoon with Risch.

What I like about the Petite & Jolie Netlabel is their mission: cute tunes. Not that I like that everything should be cute, please, no way! But I think it is an interesting approach on music and a clever way to focus on a certain style of music without closing the door to different music styles. Like they say on their website

Because this is not about doing one style or an other style…

This is not about this instrument or that one…

Neither about sounding the most experimental, hell no.

This is definitly about cute tunes.

And Risch is definitely one thing: Cute!

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