All-round Indiepop // Monokle finally released their third album. While “Ideas Aloud” from 2007 vanished with ElektroSound, “Teasurus” found a safe home at well-established Ideology Netlabel. Moving from melodic Electronica to inspired electronic Pop- and Rock music, the Russian duo took a big step towards getting seriously awesome.

Monokle - “Friday” (MP3)

Monokle - “Magic Go!” (MP3)

Monokle - “Seven” (MP3)

Monokle is Vlad Kudryavtsev and Alexander Kumach, two young guys that sound like one of your favourite bands. On a basis of warm and organic IDM beats, Monokle compose epic Indiepop- and Postrock tracks that imply influence from 40 years of Popmusic (“From Can to Plaid”, as Ideology says). You can find pieces of Kraut- and Progrock, 80’s Pop, 90’s Electronica and loads more in the Monokle music. Listening to this 45 minutes, I am amazed how seamless everything engages.

The album “Tesaurus” is super-versatile but works perfectly as an album, homogenous in mood and atmosphere. Vlad and Alexander blow their tracks up to massive hymns, including numerous stems of synthesizer, guitars and electronic gimmicks here and there. They do well, although most songs on “Tesaurus” don’t need all the fuzz- Monokle have the melodies to reach out for everyone. A brilliant example that Netaudio is so much more than just electronic music!

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Release: Monokle - “Tesaurus”