Dub is usually connected to reggae music und therefore associated with a typical sound and sunny moods. The moroccan musician MLY, who is releasing his work under the name Dubosmium, has recently put out an EP that draws quite a different picture. From atmospheric ambient soundscapes to hard electronic drum ‘n’ bass elements, The “Green Element” EP creates its own world of dub music.

“Green Element” is partly a review of Dubosmiums earlier release “Horiozontal plane polar Dub”, but it also features three new tracks, that give us a little impression of his forthcoming longplayer, that will be released later in 2008.

The first track (“7Heavens”) is very atmospheric in its sound and it features an ever-present oriental touch, that is highlighted through vocals by Said Jaha. The next two tracks are quite similar in it’s sound and make it a lot easier to find obvious connections to dub music. But still, the songs feature a strong ambient element. The last five tracks from the “Green Element” EP are remixes by other Fresh Poulp artists like Rafiralfiro, Xena Supermoog, Silent Bells, Duck and Yarkouy that range from ambient tracks (“Tuvadelic Odyssey”) to hard electro-dub with drum ‘n’ bass elements (“IstanDub”).

All in all the “Green Element” EP is a different and interesting approach towards dub music. To me it’s still warm in it’s mood but at the same time dark and deep. So, it seems to be perfect for the dark nights of the upcoming summertime.