Fresh Latin-orientated Beats from Brasil // Esmeraldo Marques aka Chico Correa likes to fuse brasilian flavor with electronic sounds. Inspired by music from his country hey combines rhythms such as coco, baiao, samba and carimbó and mixes them with eletronic sounds from his synthesizers and beat machines. The results full of vocals, sunshine, uplifting live-instruments and of course brasilian beats.

Chico Correa is a producer, DJ and musician from Northeasth, Paraiba state from Brazil. His productions are the result of experimentation. With beautiful voices in nearly each track and a typical latin taste for fluffy melodies Chico Correa & Electronic Band entertain us. The vibrant tunes are played on instruments such as drums, saxophone and guitar. Everybody who enjoys music by Sergio Mendes & Co. will truly love these songs.

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Release: Chico Correa & Electronic Band (ZIP)

Artist-Website: Chico Correa