Delicate Chill Out Mix // You have to prepare, cut and blend a mix as carefully together like the perfect meal. Delicious ingredients, a sensitive taste and accurate mastery of skillful mixing lift you up like the lasagne your tongue always waited for. That’s where mo. comes into the game.

mo. - “Das Netaudio Mix Tape Vol 2” (MP3)

Where a cook knows about the desires of your nose and tongue, mo. enjoys pleasing your ear with handcrafted beats from drum’n’bass- and downbeats stars from the international netlabel-scene. After the first part, it’s time to enjoy the second part of our beloved mixing serie “Das Netaudio Tape”.

After the first part of “Das Netaudio Tape”-mix we are proud to present you the second part of our serie. Again mo. collected only his absulute favorites to drift with you together through the land of broken beats. Enjoy music from netlabels all over the globe. And don’t forget to leave a message for your favorite musicians! Just click the links of the netlabels below after listening and downloading “Das Netaudio Mix Tape Vol 2″.

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Download: “Das Netaudio Mix Tape Vol 2″.

Playlist “Das Netaudio Mix Tape Vol 2”

Mixed for & Zuender

  1. Mentz – Introduction Tokyo Dawn

  2. Comfort Fit – The Hunt Tokyo Dawn

  3. Illyah & Ltd. Cany – Fight The Formation (

  4. Brigitte Bijoux – Introduction (

  5. Brigitte Bijoux – Désintoxication (

  6. Frank Molder – Firefox (

  7. Mav – Divine Interaction (

  8. Elliptic – Space (

  9. Blue Shift – Rising Planets (

  10. Sonmi451 – Quiet Piece For Bram (Monotonik)

  11. Normaa – Give Thanks To Be Part (

  12. Twizzle – Barefoot Pebble Road (

  13. Mentz – Shakles Tokyo Dawn

  14. enLounge – Morning Espresso (