Various Free DJ-Mixes // Since years still just a few DJs with an ear for free mp3 music enjoy mixing netlabel releases. While Dirk Murschall aka [in]anace, the founder of the experimental netlabel subsource was the first to publish netmusic-only-mixes more DJs embraced the idea. I hand-picked 5 netaudio-mixes, I heard over and over again. They are from Elliptic, jm_, p3t3r, Holger Flinsch and mo.

Elliptic - “Digital Drive” (Ideology)

Elliptic normally prefers mixing and producing Drum’n’Bass. Still finding Drum’n’Bass-tunes on the web is a difficult and long journey. That’s why Elliptic chose to mix sweet, lush and melodic Dub-House and Dub-Techno. His set called “Digital Drive” expands into a groovy trip through the free land of 4-to-the-floor.

Mix-Download: Elliptic - “Digital Drive”

jm_ - “ASC.” (Subsource)

If you enjoy digging astrology, you know that ASC. is the abbreviation for Ascendant. But never mind, this mix has nothing to do with obscure new-age-shit. The subsource-mix by Jean-Michel is much deeper than some small-talk about live, and let everything free… His mix escorts you into another world. Into a world full of ambient, with subtle changes, lots of imaginated pictures and a humble feeling just to listen. I like this mix because I don’t listen offen so carefully chosen music. Jean-Michel webs for us an intense ambient-mix like Haruki Murakami writes fantastic novels.

Mix-Download: “jm_ - ASC.”

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p3t3r - “Urban Netaudio Mitxtape Vol.1”

If you enjoy downbeats, try “Urban Netaudio Mitxtape Vol.1”. We are looking forward at our Phlow-HQ for the next edition.

mo. - “Das Netaudio Tape Vol.1” (Phlow)

When I first heard the diversity of mo.’s finished netaudio-mix called “Das Netaudio Tape Vol.1” in 2004 I was amazed. mo. had compiled a funky blunt of broken beats from downbeats to drum’n’bass to some serious disco-shit by Cuebism. I like also his other two editions but he never got so close to a colourful and perfect mix like in 2004.

Holger Flinsch - “Nachtnetz” (Mixotic)

Holger Flinsch is enjoys producing slightly cold ambient as well as he does mixing it. Mixotic writes in it press-release-notes:

“His DJ set “Nachtnetz” is starting silent, nearly unhearable, going to calm ambient sounds, becoming an exciting maze of tones, melodies and noises.”

I definitly agree.

Mix-Download: Holger Flinsch - “Nachtnetz”

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