Chill Out Mix // With his mix “Urban Netaudio Mixtape Vol.1” german blogger p3t3r sweetens up our life with 86 minutes of relaxed TripHop-, Downbeats- and HipHop-songs. Carefully collected, blended and cut his mix is great artillery to defend a lazy afternoon. With peace-soldiers like Comfort Fit, William Lamy, Velure, Broke Gringos and our beloved Brigitte Bijoux there’s no doubt: this afternoon was saved peacefully.

“Urban Netaudio Mixtape Vol.1” is p3t3r’s first netaudio mix and for a debut his mix is a magnetic mix to come down, lean back and enjoy some wonderful grooves. I think, you’ll agree, too, after listening: every bit a hit! Thank you p3t3r for this one :)

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Tracklist, Mix and information: Urban Netaudio Mixtape Vol.1

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