With Glamour-Disco-Boy Cuebism you crack the jackpot! His “Circle EP” is a jewelbox full of funky disco-grooves. Every song is produced with excited delight and a heart full of music when disco began downtown in the clubs. If you wana feel the glamour of the old days, you gotta dig this!

When you visit Cuebism at home, prepare yourself to sit down, while he gives you a listen to his more than 2 tons heavy vinyl-collection. Because if you meet Cuebism, it’s all about music: disco music! And like he cares about his music collection he does the same with his productions. These are filled with deep grooves and an ear for details. Lean back or dance to his shuffling hihats, sloppy bassdrums and melodic grooves. If you like music as Cuebism does, you get addicted to his sound.

PS: The song in the podcast isn’t on the “Circle EP”. You can find this track on the ideology-compilation “Feunetik”.

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Release // Cuebism – »Circle EP«
Netlabel // ⚰️ www.ideology.de