[Geneva Deconstructions // d’incise is the Switzerland-based sound engineer Laurent Peter. He’s the coordinator of Audioactiviste and Insubordinations Netlabels and is involved in 1.000 musical projects. His impressive discography involves releases at Zymogen, Test Tube, eDogm and many more. His most recent EP is delivered by the welcome hands of Resting Bell Netlabel.

While some of Laurent Peter’s older recordings have a strong foundation in 1990’s electronica acts like Autechre, Squarepusher and SND, his style slightly shifted in recent years.

With “Stase / Contre Stase”, Resting Bell releases a two track EP of post-industrial field music, a one-hour mediation on noise, textures and Collage Ambient, to make use of the term I introduced for Preslav Literary School a few months ago. Two tracks that stand like monoliths, two tracks that sum-up the glitch aesthetics, d’incise stands ultimately for.

The awesome thing about “Stase” and “Contre Stase” is that both tracks work equally well as pure sound design and pieces of recycling art as well as virtuoso Ambient music. Beneath tons of field recordings, humming, hissing, scratching and environmental noise, Peter introduces tonal textures and layers of glittering synth drones that makes his deconstructions a hell of a good listen. Music that demands your attention, that forces you to reflect. Take some time and relearn to listen. d’incise is the perfect teacher.

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You can purchase a wonderful CDR edition of “Stase / Contre Stase” by getting in contact with d’incise. There’s a limited edition of 7o copies. Hurry!

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Download: “Stase / Contre Stase” ZIP

Release: d’incise - “Stase / Contre Stase”**

** Artist-Website: www.dincise.net

Netlabel: www.restingbell.net