**Tiny Bits of Ambient Bliss Most ambient music is made for expanded listening. Sounds are shifted in slow-motion and every single event can unfold itself in perfect balance. Usually, an ambient track works totally different than a 3:30-Pop song. With the new EP by sound-designer miè, Digital Kunstrasen gain prove for the fact that ambient tunes may function in even less than ten minutes.

miè is Martin Seidel, a young fellow from the city of Leipzig in Eastern Germany. You might know him for his nice debut EP “Subjektive Perspektiven” or his appearance at the second “Electronica Unplugged”-sampler at Aerotone.

Day in, Day out” is his first work for Digital Kunstrasen. It’s made of five diverting little sketches of Ambient and low-energy IDM. “Mangle my Nightmare” comes up with some beautiful textures, both synthesized and sampled. Experimental yet tonal and harmonic. “Commen Behaviour” is subtle Electronica, introducing a more rhythmical corset for Martin’s soundscapes. For the final track “Meubl”, miè teamed up with French producer Pixe whose beats are a bit more crunchy. The songs on “Day in, Day out” are not longer than 4:30, getting to the point outright. That works quite well and makes the music easily consumable, still I’d wish to hear the mentioned songs in sort of “extended” versions.

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Release-Site: miè - Day in, Day out

Direct Download: Day in, Day out ZIP

Netlabel: www.digitalkunstrasen.net

Artist Website: www.myspace.com/mientertaining