Maybe you know London-born Tokyo resident Ian D. Hawgood by his releases at Resting Bell or Dog Eared Records. Eventually you read about him at Phlow Magazine. Herein, initiates don’t need Bettina Rhymes to bring the news. In case you’re new to this man of taste and gentle manners, clear some megabytes on your harddisc for two new Hawgood releases: “Tent & Hills” and “Grey Night Clouds”.

The first, released at the excellent Luvsound Netlabel, brings forth four rather short pieces of Ambient. Warm and intimate, handmade and rich, subtle Avantgarde Muzak for those who know. Striking art by Kati Meden of goYippi from the Resting Bell-crew!

The latter is published by US Netlabel Experimedia and shows the man approaching Ambient from a slightly more song-orientated point of view. Under the disguise of “Koen Park”, Ian D. Hawgood whisks fresh Electronica-beats, sweet melancholy melodies and Ambient textures. An eclectic album.

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