Vespertine Ambient Drones // Ian D. Hawgood is a traveler. He switches from Occident to Orient, living in the UK and Japan, recording music with a four-track machine at the Pacific Ocean or in his London apartment. His huge Ambient Drones carry along memories of American Minimal-Music, roughed up with moments of joyful noise and the fractal remains of analog instruments.

There’s a lot of good Ambient-music at the Resting Bell-Netlabel. Christian is releasing a lot, and it’s hard to follow every release, by time. That’s a shame because it happens you miss gems like “The Fires Will Die at Night”.

Ian D. Hawgood delivers four long tunes packed with field-recordings, lush synth-pads, hyper-processed guitars, percussion and a lot of other ringing things and instruments. His music is dense and engaging, developing single elements for 17 minutes in particular (“This Night Has Come Too Soon”) without loosing the individual leitmotif. You can let it run in the back, but only if you listen closely you get to the core of Hawgood’s art. Somewhere next to Black Dice, Stars of the Lid and Brian Eno. Watch out for his future releases at Umor Rex, Error Lo-Fi, Smallfish Records and Dog Eared!

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