Game Soundtrack // Julian Winters “Rock Art EP” is the official soundtrack for an online game called “Alchemia”. His EP combines songs and field recordings. “I hardly can remember all the ‘instruments’ I used for this music”, writes Julian Winter on his website. “I think there were brittle wooden sticks, leaves, stones and all the other things you can find in a good wood!” All together we get a unique soundtrack which takes us on a journey into some underground caves with dwarfes and…

Julian Winter - “Sewer or Later” (MP3)

Julian Winter - “Godsend” (MP3)

Julian Winter - “Den” (MP3)

Alchemia is a point and click adventure in the tradition of the beautfil Samorost and Samorost 2 games. And it’s the visual counter part of Julian Winter’s “Rock Art EP” or the other way round. Like the game, you listen to lots of samples, which generate a dense atmosphere along with the melodies. Like the game everything is handmade, no synthies doodling around.

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And where could this EP better fit than on the outstanding Pause Netlabel. Even while Pause is a netlabel for 8-Bit Culture its connection to games and the indie games scene is obvious. Often I ask myself why netlabels don’t try in general more often to cooperate with indie game programmers.

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Download: Julian Winter - “Rock Art EP”  (ZIP-Archive)


Release: Julian Winter - “Rock Art EP”

Netlabel: Pause Netlabel