Who’s behind the ansiform netlabel? Who produces these fine and subtle ambient-music? The producers, labelheads and activists of the ansiform netlabel remain in the dark. They hide in the anonymous space of the world wide web and enjoy producing subtle, gently and peaceful ambient music. So every release may be produced by a different composer… maybe not. But each one-track-release is individual, that’s for sure.

The soundscapes of the unknown producers sometimes float smooth and peaceful, and sometimes they swoosh with all kinds of drones and noises. Even so some tracks tickle in your ears with some grain, the music stays innovative and somehow cineastic. There are no aggressive sounds for instance like in noise-music. Ambient music to lean back and start dreaming. All tracks of the Ansiform Collection sweep calmly and filled with emotion through the air. The collective describes their music precisely, when they say:

“ansiform is a collective of artists dedicated to creating subtle soundtracks for your most sedate endeavors. the ansiform style of ambient revolves around unobtrusive, highly-textured, beatless soundscapes - aural wallpaper to complement any calm environment.”

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Netlabel-Website: ansiform.afraid.org

Whole collection on Archive.org: www.archive.org/details/ansiform