When I think of electronic music from russia, I always think of minimal music and melodic IDM. And when I listen now to the two beautiful “NetAudio Russia Compilations” I am once more convinced that Russia especially Moscow has a strong eletronic scene I would like to explore by night. Both compilations are compiled with care and are just great.

NetAudio Russia Compilations” you find in general three music genres: breakbeat-driven tracks, melodic techno and ambient tunes.

At first I thought, the compilators would have separated four to the floor-tracks from IDM from Ambient, but that’s not the case.

The main idea of both compilations is to let the listeners explore the variety of electronic music done by musicians performing on the festival. And I have to say, both trips are just wonderful and fit well together.

You dive into dreamish IDM like “Rosolam (Novomix)” from moroza_knozova or breakbeats with vocals like “10msec” from Iky Que or more straight elektro like “Liquid Fur” from Stud.

On the more upfront side I adore especially two tracks which would best be described as poetic minimal techhouse. Give “Put On A Magical Hood (Passage Version)” by Feldmaus and “Alenkin Home” by Frunk29 a listen. Wonderful tunes, to dance in the morning hours to with your eyes shut of course. Truly extraordinay how Frunk29 weaves some jazzy flavor into his track.

But also DJs with a heart for more pushy grooves get something for their sets. Vadim Lankov knows how to give the bassdrum that adequate kick. He hands us two excellent tracks over. With “Lankov - secondsun” he explores minimal techno with some tricky shuffling and experimental sounds and “Impudence” is that rave tune, you need to heat up the dancefloor.

A really fantastic double-feature from Russia. Don’t miss it!

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