Advent Calendar Door 12 // 020200 is passionate about music, art and the web. No wonder, that he shares a strong interest for netaudio. His first love was his own netlabel 2063music back in 1999 and meanwhile he submits parts of his work into the organisation of netmusic and creative commons events in Cologne. He writes also reviews for the from time to time, if he is not too lazy, or better sa

“2008 was not the best year for netmusic in my opinion, but there were some very solid releases and I somehow have the feeling, that 2009 and 2010 the flower of netmusic will bloom again in a new beauty.”

Top-5 Netaudio Tracks in 2008

  1. Disasterpeace - “Ensis”
  2. Goto80 and Skuggan Live on Swedish TV
  3. Alex Mauer - “Ikea Shopper Credits”
  4. Crookram - “A Day in the Life”
  5. Andrey Kiritchenko - “Sinemagiq 04”

Top Five Netlabels

Top-5 Releases in 2008

  1. Iqtu - “Embarassing Triangle “
  2. Pix - “Life Living”
  3. Yado - Gated Doors and Windows
  4. New Delhi Fm - Row By (Wuerfel 07)
  5. Various - Eclectic Youth Vol 17 (Foem)