In “A Day in the Life (feat. INC)” young Dutch producer Crookram rolls out sweet and melancholic strings to catch us. In “Biggles” we swing ecstatic on happy piano-loops while the Bigbeat makes us sweat. And breath the dark and heavy mooded “Hostile” with me. Crookram digged deep into sounds from DJ Shadow, Cinematic Orchestra or Yonderboi and adopted this sample-driven sound for him and us. Great filmstrip!

Crookram enjoys movies, I am sure - movies with a heavy mood, full of strings, flutes and Harps. His music is like a colourful filmstrip and touches you directly. With incredible five tracks he takes us into his sample-driven wonderland. From deep downbeats to bigbeats to Hip Hop. The young producer knows how to surprise and attract us. Big cinema!

PS: I think we should keep an eye on this funky new label called Budabeats! Check out also their first release!

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Release // Crookram – »19/76«
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