Doing Promotion // Last November I sent a little promotion package to one of the leading computer magazines in Germany called c’t magazin. It included a CD-ROM with our most successful compilations and an info-sheet about and the Creative Commons Movement. The delicious music gift was successful and they wrote about us. Now we want to do it again with other magazines, with your help!

Before I sent the little promo-package to c’t magazine, I asked them if they would like to receive a “gift”. Fortunately I knew one of the editors of c’t magazin, because I write for them about web technologies from time to time. With this little extra credit, I got the chance and some more attention than usually. And even though the editor didn’t dig our music style so much, he wrote a nice review about us empasizing the interesting creative commons music culture. The review wasn’t only printed in the magazine itself, you can read the german review also online.

Afterwards a lot of my friends congratulated me, that made it into a print magazine. I was amazed, that still so many people read link tips. One of my girl friends sa

Where you can help us!

Of course, there are several ways to support the magazine to reach new readers. You can write a review on Stumble Upon or bookmark our articles on websites like or Mister Wong… But to reach new reader- and listenerships for your netlabel or blog you have to make good promotion not only on the web. And that’s the point, where you come in!

I would like to send some more promotion material to magazines worldwide to get more attention for the artists, netlabels and of course Do you know interesting magazines who write also reviews about websites? I am thinking for example about magazines for instruments like the german Keys, keyboards or Beat.

Unfortunately music magazines in general in Germany don’t write about netlabels and free music at all. A horrible desaster, if you ask me. That’s why I want to twist it into the other way.

Can you name me some really interesting computer-, live style- or similiar magazines you like to read and think they are worth some promo material?

And while we talk about promotion: If you have some stickers or buttons left, sent them to M. Sauer, Cranachstraße 25, 50733 Köln, Germany, and I will put them into the package.**