Extraordinary Pop // Now and then it happens that I discover music by pure accident. And now and then it happens that I fall in love with the music I find. Both incidents occurred when I discovered the Swedes Björn Kleinhenz and Susanna Brandin (Winter took his life). I can’t remember how I stumbled upon their Split EP “Blood bone / Home alone 2”, but as soon as I downloaded and listened to it, I was caught by their wonderful songs.

Is it indie or pop, is it folk or singer/songwriter? It doesn’t matter. Their blend of humor and sadness, darkness and light is impressive and suddenly there is no need to label their music in terms of a genre.

Susanna’s lovely voice, that doesn’t need a lot of instrumental support and Björn’s great talent to write extraordinary popsongs like “The best days of my life” formed a musical couple that fits perfectly. This is probably one reason for Björn to have Susanna with him as a constant member of his live band.

“Blood bone / Home alone 2” contains four songs by each artist and it was originally released on tape(!), which was put out by froggi records in 2007. The Scandinavian music journal it’s a trap re-released the tape as a free digital EP. One more hint for you: Björn and Susanna are on tour through Europe (mostly Germany) and you should make sure to drop by and say hello to them after you’ve seen their show at your local venue. Click here to check out the tourdates.

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Release Site: Björn Kleinhenz & Winter Took His Life - “Blood bone / Home alone 2”

Artist Website: http://www.wintertookhislife.net/, http://www.kleinhenz.se/

Artist Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/wintertookhislife, http://www.myspace.com/bjornkleinhenz