A tiny, coincidental discovery can open completely new horizons, save your day and drive you into a direction you’ve never thought about. An incident like that happened to one of our creative commons music stars: Entertainment For The Braindead. She discovered the banjo. A unique instrument associated with music styles like Dixieland Jazz or Blues. But does the banjo also sounds in the hands of an artist dedicated to soft, fragile folk songs? Yes it does! Just listen!

Julia Kotowski aka Entertainment For The Braindead got bonded by the strings of her banjo. She discovered sweet moments, beautiful melodies and that slight sad mood what shines through all her songs. We are happy to get the chance to listen to them. Just dive into her world and get carried away. I won’t say no more, just listen, enjoy and get your own hand-crafted record at her website. Like always there will be only a few unique copies.

Folk-Acoustic Pop MP3 Music Download

Download Entertainment For The Braindead – »Roadkill«
Release // Entertainment For The Braindead – »Roadkill«
Netlabel // http://www.aaahh-records.net
Artist-Website // http://entertainmentforthebraindead.com