Our Phlow Compilation “Music From All Around The World” is prove, that you find wonderful creative commons pop music. It’s prove that free has nothing to do with low quality or geeky dark ambient. On top of all “Music From All Around The World” shows that the worldwide creative commons music scene offers more and more compatible music be played out loud on the radio. We at Phlow believe that 2010 creative commons music will please more and more music lovers who love songs, vocals and pop in general.

With average music listeners in mind, who don’t get lost with excitement in dusty box at their record dealer of choice we crafted this compilation. We made our girlfriend listen to the music, asked her for advice and offer you now a true pop music compilation for people who enjoy some happy melodies.

Smile with us listening to melancholic songs from The Black Atlantic or Jsvenes y Sexys from South America. Please push your chair aside and dance to some disco music from Comfort Fit and Opolopo and clap your hands with that four to the floor beat. Laugh about the mad rhymes by Tracky Birthday and get mad with Professor Kliq. Get down with some some downtempo hip hop from fLako and B-Ju and rise your hands again into the air with Henrik Jose.

Licence: You are allowed to copy and…

This compilation was curated by Jeannette Corneille and Moritz “mo.” Sauer. The Cover Artwork was designed by Jeannette Corneille. All tracks are released under a creative commons licence.

You are allowed to copy, distribute and transmit the work :)

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