I posted a demand-note for the upcoming Bluermutt-album a few days ago. Well, I hope you don’t think myself to be too much of a bore, but I have to mention that Mickey Eats Plastic (which is 50% Bluermutt) have another not-to-miss record online. This time it’s free. Come on, kill the white glamour!

Italian Postrockers Giardini di Míro put online a tiny remix-collection that incorporates an edit by Mickey Eats Plastic. I checked his website to see what’s new and saw this beautiful EP popping up: remixes Mickey had constructed for a bunch of cool people in the last months plus two MEP-reworks. Every single one is subtle electric, with a chosen amount of Pop-appeal and je ne sais quoi .

The Ellul-remix focuses on the Country-style vocals and adds a heart-rendering synthesizer melody, Vienna Chip Hop-mastermind Dorian Concept (watch this guy!) becomes even more electric and hip-moving. I’m also pretty found of NAW’s remix of “Every April”: Toronto-based Neil Wiernik shift the tune into something bizarrely grooving and mesmerizing. Very worth the download, not least because of the great artwork by Matias Conduri.