Mo’Town Junkie is not a newbie in the Scene: he has published several works on different netlabels, ending up on founding his own, Phonotactics. By the way, let me suggest you a visit to the new website. Ok, so it is not new to have a netaudio album just made out of raw samples. But somehow in between all the megabytes we can collect on the web, it seems that there is always something that amazes us.

Most of the times, it is not about the melody or the rhythm. It is all about the texture. And, of course, the smell of the beverage you feel like drinking at the time you listen to the tracks. “Cuts and Raw Tapes” makes me want to drink something really vintage, and yet really soft. Maybe with the lovely Laura with whom Mo’Town spent the night. After all, the samples maybe unclean, but they’re definitely not raw. A record to be served chillled.

This article was written by Rute Correia

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