With the 17th free music compilation Michael Gregoire released again a fantastic collection of music on blocsonic. Instead of only focussing on netlabels the compilation unites musicians from all over the globe publishing their music under a creative commons licence.

What makes this compilation so special is not only the spectrum of music styles, it’s also the will to present a free music culture. That’s why “netBloc Volume 17” comes around with a huge PDF-Booklet including pictures of the artists, interviews with these musicians and at the end a list of links to dig deeper into the world of free music. An extraordinary starting point to get to know the world of free (netlabel) music!

A big “Whoo-ha! Re-Re-Wind, selecta!” to blocsonic! Great job! On this compilation you find rock, electronic music and our favorite netlabel-girl Brigitte Bijoux who had the chance to join the collection with one of her tracks. What I like best about this compilation next to its open minded approach on music is the effort Michael Gregoire made to present each of the artists. In the PDF you read interviews next to the biography of each artist/band. In these interviews you find interesting answers from the participating musicians, why they release their music for free and how they did get in contact with the free music movement.

It must have been a lot of work to put these information together, so thank you Michael Gregoire for the music and insights! Both thumbs up! And one more thumb up for the excellent variety of different soundformats from mp3 to FLAC!

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