Gameboys & accordions // Mark Denardo managed to connect two of the most contrasting genres in the netlabelscene – chiptunes and singer/songwriter music. On his six-track “Lion, Tiger, Bear” EP, digital 8-bit sounds are being served with analogue instruments like acoustic guitar, piano, accordion, violin and lyrics that come along in a folk and blues-like style. This creative mixture is unique in its style and therefore, Mark Denardo’s music deserves its own label: chip-folk.

Mark Denardo grew up with playing different traditional instruments and at a certain age he rediscovered the gameboy. Since then the New York (Brooklyn)-based musician and composer treats the nostalgic plastic machine as a valuable musical instrument and connects familiar gameboy generated 8-bit sounds with traditional blues and folk music, which is especially transparent on his “Lion, Tiger, Bear” EP (listen to the songs “Grass”, “Fare” and “Muse”).

It is important to him to know how to use a technology to expand his horizons. So, using a gameboy is an evolution in composition to him. The way he creates his music is based on a DIY-attitude and spontaneous ideas that are being put on top of each other until there is something that can be called a song. Another fact that needs to be pointed out is that Mark Denardo joined the biggest chiptune conglomerate you can think of: 8bitpeoples. And that’s the place to be for an 8-bit-gourmet. If you want to know more about him, have a look at this short potrait or see him live and in action right here.

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