Electronic Folklore Music // This record has been around for long. I was planning to write about Russian Folklore in Electronic music and Netaudio but then netaudio.ru vanished and with them many of my examples. The article lay dead, still “Y” by Ljekio Ulmar aka XYDZO is so wondrous and beautiful and unique it must not be forgotten.

XYDZO - “A Bali Na Bega” (MP3)< XYDZO - “Djug” (MP3)

XYDZO - “Kuhtu” (MP3)

First off, the term Folklore might be misleading. Ulmar’s approach to music is fully electronic, XYDZO is not about going back to the essentials, restoration or whatever. While listening to “Y” the reference that came to me repeatedly was “My Life in Bush of Ghosts” by Eno & Byrne.

Back in 1981, Ambient music pioneer Brian Eno and Talking Heads frontman David Byrne hooked up to create a artificial documentation of tribal music, ethnic field-recordings and Avantgarde Pop. Ljekio Ulmar adopts a similar position. He takes elements from Russian and African Folklore, popular and electronic music and glues it together to something new and exiting. This is wonderfully successful due to his substantial understanding of Pop music and music in general (is the title “Y” itself a meta-reference to the Pop Group’s abrasive debut from 1979?).

The album is full of hits. Some will convince on first touch, for some you might need more time. But every single tune features a fresh idea and makes sense in the dramaturgy of the album. Essential listen! Asked for my Netaudio top ten EVER, “Y” would be in.

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](http://www.archive.org/compress/puls09) Artist Website: myspace.com/xydzo

Release: XYDZO - “Y”

Netlabel: pulsations-for-you.ru**