Paulina Mum proves that you don’t need any sophisticated, techy music gear to compose  colourful adventures. All it needs is a cheap casio keyboard and a talent to compose sweet little songs. “Morning Rain” on Camomille is a trip into a naive world of plinkerplonker-sounds where Glockenspiel and candy sounds rule and where lollipops are the favorite food of the musician.

What I like best about this Electronica release are the slight jolts. Always if some of melodies stumble a little bit and the rhythm gets a little bit confused I must smile. “Morning Rain” sounds private and feels like sitting next to the musician listening to his compositions.

Sweet, nice and naive and always heart-catching.

What Paulina Mum says about the album

“in the past months i have become obsessed with the little sounds that come from my little casio, small emulations of acoustic instruments, always accompanied by a bit of noise. i’ve recorded many little things, only using it. i think they are all very personal as all their small mistakes are unique and warming to me. so for the past months i’ve made these songs for many events, maybe a friends birthday gift, a love, a wonderful feeling.”

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