The Good 80’s: Fly Melancholia // I discoverd this clever album via the Machtdose podcast. Thank you Roland! March Rosetta is the alter ego of UK-born Berlin-living Tom Carter. “Late in Time” is his third album under this moniker, and it is online via the Russian Clinical Archives Netlabel. March Rosetta is all about Tom’s precious vocals and his artful, semi-electronic Popsongs.

[March Rosetta - “Landscape”

(MP3)]( (MP3)/ca186_mr/01_Landscape.mp3)

March Rosetta - “Far Across The Land” (MP3)

I think everybody will agree that all-rounder Tom Carter has a wonderful voice. When it comes to the instrumentals, people could argue about the cheapo 80’s drum sound and some kitchy textures. But who cares about such details when the songs come off in such sublime perfection?

Carter borrows a lot from David Byrne (Talking Heads, for performance and sexappeal) and Mark Hollis (Talk Talk, the fragility) but shines in unmistakeable uniqueness. Sweet and gooey, kitchy, intimate and touching, funky here and there, Tom Carter manages to balance all these references for maximum effect. Hot Chip might serve as an accurate, more contemporary comparison. Two or three songs in the later half drop off a bit with their easy-listening flavour and an unsavoury Garage-influence. Every thing else: ace. Watch this guy.

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