Last year, to be precise in June 2007, Volfoniq, disrupt and Bo Marley met at the french festival “Dub en sauce”. Spontaneously they teamed up, grabbed some bottles of red wine, enjoyed excellent french food and produced some relaxed sunny dub reggae tunes for us. “Savoir vivre, you know what I’m sayin!?!”

While disrupt enjoys putting some good old 8-bit-sounds into his tunes, Bo Marley know how to play their instruments. Together with Volfoniq they complete their sound and while they enjoyed the sun last year down at the côte d’azur at Montpelier, we smile now while listening to the melodic reggae anthems they composed for us. Get ready for some brazzling-mad-deep basslines with live instruments and a melodic “Schunkel”-flavour.

Credits for the tunes

  • Bo Marley, Disrupt et Volfoniq
  • Organ, BassSynth & weird noises : Bo Marley (Max, Theis & Benjamin)
  • Drums & Space echo : Disrupt
  • Melodica, Dubs & arrangements : Volfoniq
  • Mastering : Elvalys mastering