To be honest… I do not know much about the “A Quite Bump” Netlabel from Italy, but this could change. By coincidence this mini-album “Timeless” entered my ears and successfully took the brain - with dub and pop!

Although I am not that much into reggae, I like dub a lot. And this release here got a certain quality, especially with the vocals. The charismatic MC sings about Africa, peace, god, faith and love. The sound of the music is clean and charming, a little bit rusty, warm and also a bit of French niceness shines through here and there. All that makes a classical dub-record. Play it in lounges and you will make friends. I promise!

This release contains also a remix, much more blurred and stateless than the dub orientated tracks. What I would love to have is a pure instrumental version of the track “What can I do for Africa”. It plays in the same league like “The Modernist”, “Rockers Hi-Fi” and deep soundsystem stuff. Who knows, next time the Sardinia Bass Legalize will try something like “DJ Krush” meets “Donna Regina”. Won’t they??

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