Run for Cover No. 3 // Phlow Magazine launches a new series dedicated to the art of Netaudio: “Run for Cover”. In bulk sequence, wonderful artworks will be presented and discussed. Number three is the outstanding textural and graphical art for Mickey Eats Plastic’s Remix EP “To Kill The White Glamour” as reviewed in January.

The cover artwork was crafted by Matias Conduri, a scribble artists and graphic designer from the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Upon a mild grey cardboard surface, black and red strokes are entangled in manifold convulsion. Most dashes from a loose cross. The whole set of lines is concentrated in the middle of the picture with the main part of strokes in black color. Red comes in front the upper left. Apparently, there seem to be two layers: thin lines beneath, dashes more thick and long above. Some kind of a signature (?) can be found in the clew, untouched by any other line.

What I like best of Matias’ art is the situation of apparently precise graphic elements into a scruffy cardboard-context. Here, the hand-drawn strokes and crosses function as some kind of reference to typical postmodernist graphic design with it’s polished surfaces, highlights and smooth Apple-style shadings. Apart from any intertextual brown fields, his designs are analog imitations of digital achievements, created to bring joy to your eyes solely.

Still, Matias is a good designer the classical way- his artwork would have been beautiful and worth a feature without the aspects of analogism innit. This point convinced me finally to write about his cover for Mickey Eats Plastic rather than another fine piece of Netaudio art I had in mind: Processing’s selftitled EP for the Resting Bell-Netlabel. Good one, too!

Processing… “Processing…” Front

Music: Mickey Eats Plastic

Release:To Kill The White Glamour

Artist: Matias Conduri

Music: Processing…


Artists: Kati Mehden