Run for Cover No. 2 // Multimedia-Cover-Artworks are the appropriate format for virtual music-releases. Especially the file-format Flash has the potential to reanimate the now dying cover-artwork of physical releases. It’s hard to understand that nearly no label nor musician distributes multimedia-artworks along with their music-releases. With the possibilities of programming the “cover-artwork”, the offering to include multimedia-files like video-clips and the chance to communicate via your artwork with the musiclover, I scratch my head and ask for more interactive flash-covers. That’s why I love the design of the artworks on -N netlabel. Simply because they are the first step towards a new way of artworks for the digital century.

I truly love some of the flash-cover-artworks you find on Often inspired by manga you can take a relaxed look and find fine details. Like in the wonderful animation above. At first sight you won’t see the feet because the swimming and moving fish attracts your attention. Also I like the steady waterflow. It gives the image somehow a time-component and time seems to smoothly passing by.

The original image and flash-artwork was done syun osawa and you find the according release on

Interactive Flash-Cover-Artwork

Another small masterpiece is the flash-cover-artwork for the -N release “picnic plan ep” by masaya sasaki. The original artwork was done by poeyama and comes along with a series of flash-movies. If you move the mouse over the artwork, something interesting will happen and you’ll suddenly see lightning.

This sort of flash-cover-artworks interacts with the listener/consumer. As an artist flash-cover-artworks give you the chance to communicate with your audience. You can update information in your flash-covers via internet, or offer a contact-form. You can integrate videos, text, pictures and lots of different information about you, your netlabel and especially about your art. Please produce more amazing flash-cover-artworks and see them as an intelligent form of EPK (electronic press kit).

From ASCII-Art to Flash-Cover-Artwork

The music in our podcast comes from Dataman and his release “the most famous heroes ep”. Beneath you see the amusing artwork.

Image and Flash by nomi @ nomi-sama no heya