Cologne Commons Conference & Festival // Currently the Phlow-Crew and some damn fine people from Cologne/Germany are working on the first free culture happening in our area. And while we are beginning to promote Cologne Commons taking place on 12th and 13th of June we need you! Sven Swift and mo. will not only deejay in the evening but also represent on the radio. That’s where you come in: Record your statement! Tell us why you like Creative Commons and the free music movement. Mr. Swift and mo. want to play it out loud in their mix which will be released on Phlow afterwards! Get creative and post you MP3-Statements in the comments!

MP3-Statement: Some ideas to get started!

While thinking about Cologne Commons and our upcoming DJ-Set I thought: “Why not play some funny, interesting and funky statements from people all around the world?” Be it spanish, russian, phillipino or indonesian! We are international!

So what have you got to do?

  1. Grab a microphone!
  2. Nevermind the quality, it’s the message that counts!
  3. Be firm and KISS! Keep it Short and Simple! We only play interludes no longer than 10 seconds!
  4. Upload your MP3 on your webspace, on a filehoster like Rapidshare & Co. and…
  5. Release your MP3 under creative commons and link your statement in our comment-section!

First Glimpse on Promo-Videos

While thinking about your statement, have a look on this fantastic video footage, Tom aka Pandrr produced for us!

Together with the work of fabulous Scener Pandr shortly we will release some exciting video footage to promote Cologne Commons.