More Music from the Phlow-Crew // Sometimes I ask myself how our man Sven Swift manages all his activities. While reading his stunning reviews, you sometimes forget, that he had to discover the music first. And than, hoppla!, he also produces music. On the one side he released already several different mixes on Mixotic, or his own blog called On the other side he even produces his own homebrew music under the moniker The Love Songs. So why this news? Guess, what! There are two new releases out. A mix called “Underwater Is A Place To Be Alone” and his EP “Live in Dresden” on Resting Bell. Enjoy!

I was really happy, when I discovered that Nelas provided one of his amazing underwater-photographs for the cover. Funky animimal… By the way, this mix was played on the opening of Nelas exhibition in Brasil called “Oceano: vida escondida”. Have a look on the amazing photographs! That’s international teamwork :)

MP3 Mix Download: Playlist

  1. Muhr (Serein)
  2. Elian (iod)
  3. Biathalon (EED)
  4. Off The Sky (RB)
  5. Le Mépris (Aerotone)
  6. C. Rosenau, J. Schoenecker & T. Wincek (Stasifield)
  7. Kaboom Karavan (Umor Rex)
  8. AZA (AudioTong)
  9. Marihiko Hara (Zymogen)
  10. GoGooo (Rain Music)

Download: ZIP-Archive