Bruno, also known as nelas, is a Biologist from São Paulo, Brazil, keen on marine invertebrates. After discovering a world of free music, and being directly inspired by ccMixter and Jamendo initiatives, nelas decided to create the blog ccNeLaS by the end of 2006. The blog’s idea is simple: he listens to as much music as he can, selects the good ones and shares them at! Two important influences during the blog’s first year of existence were Remixtures and blocSonic. Nelas was (and still is) amazed by the great diversity of music released in 2007 and can’t wait to see the future of music. Check out his brazilian choice of free music…

Nelas’s Top-5 Songs 2007

You find the songs above throudh these links…

  1. Peregum - Senóide - Axial
  2. D.Kitt - Frerk - My First Trumpet
  3. Y… de repente… me curaste - Trenes de Juguete - Bosques de mi Mente
  4. Orbital Movement - Come With Me - Frank Molder
  5. Appointment - Ideas Aloud - Monokle

Nelas’s Top-5 Releases 2007

  1. Frerk - My First Trumpet
  2. Senóide - Axial
  3. Hybrid Awaken - Lunar
  4. Totem - auto-auto
  5. Water Closet Electronic Music Project - Part 1 - ElectroLatrine

Nelas’s Top-5 Netlabels in 2007

  1. one bit wonder
  2. aerotone
  3. 12rec
  4. Electrosound
  5. antiritmo