Netaudio Japan Tunes // Masayuki is the man behind the japanese music weblog Music Forest. Masayuki lives in Kanagawa, Japan near Tokyo. Next to his job working as an engineer everyday he listens and buys music. With his weblog he introduces wonderful music aiming at Japan. Like the years before, we asked Masayuki to represent Japan. But we still don't know if there is a netaudio movement over there... Nevertheless the music is charming, and quite japanese, when I may say so. J-Pop, olé!

Instead of using a picture of himself, we used the first photo he sent us. According to his photo he wrote:

"This picture is my best photograph at Japan in 2009.
Beautiful scenery looks like Beautiful music. </p>

Of course, we can repeatedly listen to MP3 Music.
However, it is once at the moment of a wonderful meeting.

I can feel wonderful music from this photograph.
I can feel wonderful scenery from these music."</em>


Best Creative Commons Albums 2009