Velure is a quintet in the footsteps of Massive Attack, Goldfrapp, or Portishead. With muscled beats ranging from Hip Hop to Drum’n’Bass Velure make a stand and and crawl slowly under our skin. If I listen to this netaudio classic I always get caught by the haunting voice of Lynnelle Moran. Like a princess she spends velure a magic touch.

Just open up and open your ears for the extraordinary “Walk Home”. Roy John, Lachlan Carrick, Dan West and Christopher Hale did a great job to accompany their stylish songstress. Together we nod to their heavy beats, the grumbling bass and the melancholic sounds. Or get freaky to the dark vibes of the drum’n’bass “Resonate”. Delicious!

What I like so much about “Songbox”, is the fact that you discover all these reminiscences to different styles of music. Be it Dub, Reggae, Hip Hop or Drum’n’Bass: the australian Trip Hop Band manages to mix their influences smartly together and it works. It’s a little miracle how all these influences come together to present us a delicate EP from beginning to end.

The only downside of “Songbox” is that we still miss a follow-up. These five accurate tracks just make my ears thursty for more. Let’s be patient and digg this EP. Rewind!

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Release // Velure – »Songbox«
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