Turn on your delicate hifi soundsystem, free a cigar out of its cuban box, lean back in your rocking chair and lit up the tobacco. Mentz is here to trip with you on some wonky and crackling jazz loops collected from dusty records. Feel the phlow while old memories pass by drift on those wonderful sounds of melancholy.

Since his first release called “Re-Locate”, I wait for more music by Mentz. He is the classic producer who diggs deep into his vinyl selection to combine whisphering samples of jazz with some carefull beats in slow motion. Mentz spent last summer performing live with musicians and did extensive collaborations with a violinist called Roosje Raab, a Clarinet player called Wouter Suren and Krisztián Ákos Muhari on the trumpet. The result is this wonderful little EP.

I hope it won’t take years again till the next Mentz release :)

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Release // Mentz - "Piani EP"
Netlabel // http://www.humanworkshop.com
Artist-Website // http://www.mentz.nl