Like yesterday we visit once again South America and its rich music culture. This time we visit Colombia and the Monofónicos Netlabel. With actually two releases called “Colores: Fluidos” and  they set signs into the Techno-House direction. Clean synthesizer sounds await us thrown into the echo chamber of Dub.

While “Colores: Fluidos” opens Monofónicos with a compilation to the public which represents five artists, Dsum makes the first steps as a solo artist with his “Libertad EP”. Both EPs deliver melodic House-Chords accompanied with beautfilul easy swinging percussions. Sometimes you feel like dancing on the rainbow. Somehow I got the impression Dsum likes Thomas Fehlmann and his extraordinary TechHouse-Tunes…

Especially the sweet “Liberdad (Original Mix)” track floats with its analogue jazz bassline like the setting sun into the sea. Easy, man! If you like it a little bit darker, check out the remix by Rat with some playful clickering percussions for a deeper TechHouse-approach.

If you hop over to the compilation, you discover some deeper house tunes like “Sublime” and more airy and classic dubtechno tunes like “Bermuda”.  “Colores: Fluidos” fits perfect to sunny afternoons sitting around with friends eager to start into a fun club night.

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